Support with bereavement

When someone close to you dies, the grief that follows can be painful, lonely, confusing and unpredictable.

This week (2 – 8 December) is Grief Awareness Week. The aim of the week is to encourage people to talk about grief and bereavement with their loved ones, and to raise awareness of where you can find support if you need it.

There are lots of different services that provide support for both adults and young people in Portsmouth who are experiencing bereavement. They give both emotional and practical support, as well as information and advice.

HIVE Directory

HIVE Portsmouth has a dedicated directory for bereavement support. It contains details of both local and national organisations that provide information, advice and support for people experiencing bereavement.

The directory includes sources of support for children and young people as well as adults.

Advice for parents

Young people may react to bereavement in lots of different ways. Some young people experience powerful emotions that they may find difficult to understand and manage.

The Portsmouth City Council website contains tips and advice for parents of young people experiencing bereavement.

It includes links to support services and further information, as well as guidance on the signs that may mean that a young person needs extra help.

Support after suicide bereavement

Amparo is a support service for anyone affected by suicide in Hampshire. The service provides practical and emotional support after bereavement.

The experienced liaison workers can listen to your needs and assist you in accessing the support you need, while helping with a range of practical matters. These include dealing with police and coroners, helping with media enquiries, and preparing for and attending inquest.

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