Stomach ache

Choose the right healthcare service to get the care you need and to enable the NHS to help the greatest number of people.

GREEN Self-care or ask a pharmacist for advice



Heart burn

Cannot poo, but can pass wind

Bloated and passing wind

Watery poo, feeling sick, vomiting

Pain and cramps when you have your period

Take paracetamol for stomach (abdominal or tummy) pain, but not anti-inflammatories, like ibuprofen.

Ask a pharmacist:

  • what might be causing your stomach ache
  • about treatments and medicines to help ease food poisoning, trapped wind, constipation, period pain and indigestion

AMBER It is urgent but not life threatening

Stomach ache gets worse quickly

Stomach ache or bloating will not go away or keeps coming back

Stomach pain and problems swallowing food

Losing weight without trying

Peeing more, or less often

Peeing is painful

Bleeding from the bottom or vagina, or abnormal vaginal discharge

Diarrhoea does not go away after a few days

Call 111 or visit


Contact a GP Practice

RED It is a life-threatening medical emergency

Severe stomach (abdominal or tummy) pain after serious injury (trauma), particularly if accompanied by blood in urine, bleeding from penis, urethra or vagina (if different from normal menses/period blood)

Severe stomach pain suddenly worsens and spreads

It hurts to touch the stomach

Vomit has blood in it or looks like coffee grounds

Diabetic and vomiting

Poo is bloody or black

Cannot pee, poo and pass wind for over 24-hours

Cannot breathe

Call 999, or go straight to Emergency Department, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham.