Solent NHS Trust sites rated highly in patient-led assessments

St. James’ Hospital, St. Mary’s Community Health Campus and Summerlee Unit (formerly Jubilee) in Harry Sotnick House have been rated highly for their non-clinical areas identified as important by service users and the public.

NHS England’s annual Patient-Led Assessments of the Care Environments (PLACE) programme, looks at a site’s:

  • Cleanliness
  • Food (organisation and on the ward)
  • Privacy, dignity and wellbeing
  • Condition, appearance and maintenance
  • Dementia support
  • Disability access

The three sites, run by Solent NHS Trust, had scores above 88.64% with Summerlee Unit scoring 100% in two categories.

Portsmouth’s results, taken from the 2023 PLACE report, can be seen below:

Cleanliness Combined Food Organisation Food Ward Food Privacy, Dignity and Wellbeing Condition Appearance and Maintenance Dementia Disability
ST JAMES HOSPITAL 98.62% 92.76% 93.88% 92.19% 97.14% 94.91% 96.28% 95.37%
ST MARY’S COMMUNITY HEALTH CAMPUS 98.15% 91.30% 93.75% 88.64% 93.75% 98.95% 96.49% 94.51%
JUBILEE UNIT HARRY SOTNICK HOUSE 99.55% 97.64% 95.14% 100.00% 91.11% 98.25% 100.00% 98.25%

PLACE aims to promote the principles established by the NHS Constitution that focus on areas that matter to patients, families and carers. These are:

  • Putting patients first
  • Active feedback from the public, patients and staff
  • Adhering to basics of quality care
  • Ensuring services are provided in a clean and safe environment that is fit for purpose

Andrew Strevens, Chief Executive at Solent NHS Trust, said:

“We are really proud to have achieved these results as they demonstrate how we continuously strive to uphold excellent standards in terms of our patients’ environments and experiences alongside high-quality clinical care.

“These patient-led assessments are invaluable to us as they let us hear through patients’ voices if we are supporting them in the most compassionate and comprehensive way. The feedback ensures that we are best protecting crucial considerations such as privacy, dignity and tailoring individual needs.”

Solent NHS Trust also received ratings for it’s sites in Southampton: Bitterne Health Centre, Western Community Hospital and Royal South Hants Hospital.