SMI health check

Free yearly health checks to keep you living well and feeling as healthy as possible.

Yearly health checks for people with severe mental illness

Anyone aged 18+ with severe mental illness should have a free health check every year to get advice and support to keep you living well and feeling as healthy as possible.

If you have a mental illness, taking certain medications can put you at an increased risk of developing health problems.

It is important to have these checks to make sure that you are healthy on the medication prescribed.

SMI Health Check leaflet

What happens at your health check?

Your physical health check will usually take place at your GP practice. It will last between 20-30 minutes.

At your health check, you will:

  • Have your blood pressure checked – raised blood pressure can contribute to heart problems or increase the risk of having a stroke
  • Have a blood test to check your cholesterol and blood sugar levels – raise cholesterol can increase the risk of a heart attack or stroke and high blood sugar can mean you have diabetes. Your GP practice will support you to arrange a blood test. This may be arranged prior to your appointment.
  • Get weighed – being overweight can increase your chance of developing diabetes, having a heart attack or stroke and getting other physical problems
  • Talk about smoking, alcohol, non-prescription drugs, diet and exercise

You might also be offered a flu vaccination if your health check is during the winter months.

Planning for a baby

If you have a severe mental illness or take medication and are planning to or have recently found out you are pregnant, it is a good idea to talk to your GP or mental health professional as soon as possible. They can help you make plans and think about any extra support you may need.

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Why should you attend your health check?

Your health check will help to identify any early signs of:

  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Heart problems

If any issues arise from your health check, your GP practice will help you with any next steps.

This might include offering support for any suggested lifestyle changes and linking in with adult mental health services to review medication where required.

Some medications can sometimes cause side effects. If you are having any issues with your medication, you might be advised to book another appointment after your health check.

How will I be invited to my health check?

You will receive an invitation to book an appointment for your free health check.

This might be a text, letter, phone call or email from your GP practice. Once booked, please make every effort to attend your appointment.


If you’d like any telephone support for your appointment, our friendly team at the Portsmouth Mental Health Hub can help. They can talk to you about what might be worrying you, and explain exactly what will happen during your health check, to make you feel more comfortable.

Contact the team on 0300 123 6621, email them, or find out more about the Portsmouth Mental Health Hub.

Portsmouth Wellbeing Service

Portsmouth Wellbeing Service helps local people stop smoking, drink less alcohol and get to a healthy weight.

The service is free and you don’t have to go through a doctor – you can contact the service directly if you want to.

They offer one-to-one appointments in person or over the phone, and weight management group sessions. Their website also has lots of self help advice if you prefer to start improving your wellbeing on your own.

Visit the website