Looking after mind and body this Self Care Week

Self Care Week is a good time to remember the simple things we can all do to stay healthy and happy.

This year’s theme is Mind and Body. Here are some tips to help you look after both, and when you should seek advice from a healthcare professional.

Top tips for self care:

  • Get outside when it’s sunny, or if you can’t get out much, take vitamin D supplements
  • Healthy eating and regular exercise helps your general wellbeing and strengthens immunity
  • Adopt positive lifestyle choices – stopping or limiting alcohol or the amount you smoke. Help to quit smoking.
  • Do the things that make you feel good – going for walks, listening to music, speaking to a friend, whatever helps your wellbeing
  • Keep medicines topped up: paracetamol or Calpol for children, cough and cold medicines, inhalers if someone in your household has asthma.
  • Have a thermometer to hand to check a temperature

Know where to go for help

There are times when everyone needs advice with a condition they can’t manage on their own. It is much better to ask for help, instead of struggling alone.

Here are the support services available and when to go to them:

Help – but not in an emergency

  • 111 online – can tell you what to do next if you think you need medical help. You can also call 111, or use the NHS App.
  • Visit your nearest pharmacy – for advice on medicines or common problems like coughs, colds and rashes
  • Contact your GP practice – if you think you need to see a doctor or healthcare professional

Urgent help

  • call 999 – for life-threatening accidents or illnesses
  • urgent and emergency care – when you should go to Accident and Emergency, or when you can get treated at your nearest Urgent Treatment Centre for sprains, head wounds or minor breaks

Mental health support

Unsure where to get mental health support? Visit the Portsmouth Mental Health hub website or call the hub team: 0300 123 6621

Self care week

Self Care Week is 13 – 19 November and is run by the Self Care Forum, a charity aiming to encourage people to make self care everyone’s everyday habit.