Portsmouth Provider Partnership (P3)

Supporting the wellbeing, care and health needs of our city's residents through partnership working.


Portsmouth Provider Partnership (also known as P3) brings together the people and organisations that contribute to health and care in Portsmouth.

Together, we help our city residents to live healthier and happier lives by creating new ways to support people become less dependent on services.

We are trying to build a city that has:

  • Joined-up health and care services in the community
  • People and communities who feel better equipped to stay independent and well, for as long as possible
  • Improved access to services, with a focus on early support and prevention

We want people to maintain daily life skills, get better at things they struggle with, feel more confident, and improve their overall wellbeing.

Our purpose

P3 unites the people and organisations contributing to health and care in Portsmouth. Together, we support the wellbeing, care, and health needs of our city’s residents. We share experiences, collaborate, and innovate, highlighting our strengths and building on them for the benefit of our communities and neighbourhoods.

Who’s involved?

P3 includes all Health and Care Portsmouth partners and other organisations in the city, including:

  1. Brunel Primary Care Network
  2. Healthwatch Portsmouth
  3. Island City Primary Care Network
  4. HIVE Portsmouth
  5. NHS Hampshire and Isle of Wight
  6. Portsdown Primary Care Network
  7. Portsmouth City Council
  8. Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust
  9. Portsmouth North Primary Care Network
  10. Portsmouth South Coast Primary Care Network
  11. Solent NHS Trust
  12. South Coast Alliance


The P3 delivery group meet fortnightly to share best practice, work together and collaborate on projects, and develop creative and innovative solutions to challenges facing health and care in the city. There is a monthly P3 board meeting and the group feeds into a quarterly Health and Care Portsmouth Partnership Board.

Our work aligns with the five priorities of Health and Care Portsmouth:

  1. Health improvement and reducing health inequalities
  2. Children and young people 0-19 (up to 25 for SEND)
  3. Adults with the most complex lives
  4. Integrated community care
  5. Person-centre care

What have we achieved so far?

In 2023/24, we hosted 20 delivery group meetings with 20-35 attendees at each meeting, from a range of providers and partners.

Key achievements include:

  • Development of a Heath Inclusion Service at Brunel Primary Care Network to deliver primary care health interventions to our homeless population
  • Development of a Weight Management Hub to provide psychological support for patients going through weight management treatment
  • Testing of a Breathlessness Diagnostic Hub in partnership with the Targeted Lung Heath Check programme, to support two Primary Care Networks with spirometry testing and reduce pressure on primary care
  • Implementation of 10 health kiosks in GP practices for patients to ask health questions, get their blood pressure and other vital signs taken, request oral contraception, NHS heath checks, diabetes appointments and more

Current projects

In 2024/25, we’re focusing on work around:

  • Integrated neighbourhood working
  • Mary’s community campus
  • Women’s health
  • Mental health

Get involved

If you’d like more information or to get involved, contact our P3 programme director Rebecca Burgos for more information.