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Men’s Sheds

Men’s Sheds provide a place where men can make friends, share their hobbies and complete tasks both for themselves and to benefit the community.

See how Mr Y benefited from the Men’s Shed

Mr Y is a 55 year old veteran; he has suffered from battle stress, PTSD and lives with a variety of health issues including obesity and diabetes.

Before he discovered the Men’s Shed he was isolated in the home he shares with his wife. His previous routine was to get up at 11am every morning and sit in a chair until bedtime at 11pm.

The shed has transformed his life and after just six months of attending he lost three stone, reduced his medication by half and instead of being indoors every day he now attends men’s shed six days a week for six hours a day.

See how the Men’s Shed has benefited young people in the community

The Men’s Shed has also helped a number of young offenders in the community. Some young offenders have attended the Men’s Shed as part of their reparation sessions.

By attending these sessions the young people have learnt new skills while repairing the harm caused through their offending.

A young man attended a session in order to put together a flat pack garden planter for his foster mother as a peace offering for some of the trouble he had caused. He was welcomed with open arms and given the help he needed to put it together.

A young woman also attended and she was taught how to make a bird box from scratch. She had caused criminal damage in a school and the bird box was a gift for the school so they could teach their students about nature. After the end of her allotted sessions she was invited to continue attending to improve her skills – an offer that was gratefully accepted.

These sessions benefited both the young people who blossomed with the care and teaching provided, and also the men who were able to share their knowledge and help someone.

What can you do with Men’s Sheds

The sheds are open to all men who are interested in learning or improving a skill.

You might want to build garden planters, bird boxes and tables, garden furniture, wood turning, children’s toys, dolls house, rocking horse or chair.

Or you may want to learn how to use a computer, mobile phone, tablet or camera.

You could also learn to play chess, whist and other games.

You can even take part in community projects if you wish and help make items for community groups.

We have men with skill and experience who will advise and assist you, or drink tea or coffee, eat biscuits and “chew the fat”.

There are tools and machinery available on site.

How do I use this service

To take part you can contact us using the details below or visit us during our opening hours.

Contact Us

Copnor Men’s Shed – Bob Gregory

Open: Monday – Friday – 10.30am-2.30pm

Stacey Community Centre

Walsall Road


Phone: 023 92 641986


Portsea Men’s Shed

Open: Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 9.30am-12.30pm

St. George’s Church

St. George’s Square



Or visit the website here.

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