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Chat Over Chai

Chat Over Chai helps the Black Asian Minority Ethnic Refugees (BAMER) community tackle loneliness and social isolation and access social groups and services.

See how Chat Over Chai helped a newcomer to the area

Mrs R is of Bangladeshi origin and moved to Portsmouth from Italy to escape domestic abuse. Being new to the area, she was distressed as well as isolated and lonely. Mrs R had been very dependent on her husband and did not know how to access support.


Mrs R wanted to improve her spoken English, find employment and find a safe home for her and her daughter. She wanted to improve her confidence and attend social activities as well as receive support for domestic abuse.


Rowshonara from the Chat Over Chai team supported Mrs R with applying for housing, employment and benefits. She helped her with translating letters and getting a security alarm / police alert fitted in her house. Rowshonara directed Mrs R to Highbury College for a part time course to help with improving literacy and English and provided information on a Bengali women’s project, a computer course and a 12 week cycling course.


Mrs R now attends regular English classes and an IT course. She works 16 hours a week and has completed her cycling course and bought her own bike. She is much happier and less fearful now and said: ”I was low in confidence, scared and didn’t know where to go. Thanks to Rowshonara I am aware of many services now. The Chat Over Chai team are very useful service to get one to one support. I feel very safe and happy.”

What we do

The Chat Over Chai team provide sessions twice a week with speakers, activities, health talks, advice and support etc. They also offer support and signposting for individuals.

Chat Over Chai sessions

Make a change from your normal routine and join a friendly group for two hours of chit-chat and fun activities to keep your mind and body stimulated. It is a relaxing environment with a friendly group.

How to take part

If you or an adult you know, is feeling lonely, vulnerable and needs some help or support or wants to get involved in the Chat Over Chai sessions then contact Sandra Hall using the contact details below.

Contact Us

Please contact Sandra Hall, Chair of Chat over Chai

Phone: 07311440480


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