Nothing is impossible! My apprenticeship experience in health and care

Eszter Nemeth is one of 10 Health and Care Portsmouth apprentices building her career in health and social care.

One year ago, I wished to have a job where I could progress, learn, and support people. I always felt I should work with individuals by helping them in some way. So, in summer 2023 I applied for a Health and Care Level 2 Apprenticeship at Portsmouth City Council.

I was invited to an interview, but I wasn’t aware that hundreds of us had applied! That day was one of the biggest changes in my life. We had a long but interactive and, in my opinion, an enjoyable interview. Everyone from the council was super friendly, and to my delight, I was offered the apprenticeship!

In October, 10 of us – complete strangers from different backgrounds – started our 15-month apprenticeship journey. At the beginning, we all sat around a table, taking part in daily training to prepare us with the basic knowledge of health and care, and waited excitedly for our placements to start. We’ll have three placements in total, each for about four or five months each.

My first placement is with the Sexual Health Clinic at St Mary’s Community Health Campus – which has been really interesting so far. My colleagues at the clinic are extremely nice and helpful. They greeted me with friendliness and patience when I first started, talking me through what I was going to support, and helping me learn the instruments we work with. I took part in phlebotomy training so I’m now able to take bloods and can chaperone the doctors in different clinics. Everything I learned here so far is really interesting and has made me overcome my fear of needles as well!

My experience after nearly four months in this apprenticeship is that our employer is always very supportive, understanding and kind to us. Their help and support makes me feel like I can manage my workload and concentrate on the tasks and assignments through allocated study time and training days. Every time we come into the Civic Offices, we learn new things, exchange experiences, and carry on writing our essays and assignments. We’ll have three placements in total and I’m looking forward to my next one already.

Being on this apprenticeship is helping to make my dream come true by helping me to gain a qualification, find my place within the health and care sector, and work alongside caring colleagues in a nice environment. It’s been a fantastic opportunity and I’m so pleased to be on the apprenticeship.