New training video gives insight into life as an autistic person in Portsmouth

Health and Care Portsmouth have published a new training video which sees autistic people sharing their thoughts on life in Portsmouth.

The hour-long video was produced by Autek, following feedback from the Portsmouth Autism Community Forum (PACF), whose membership wanted to encourage autistic people living in Portsmouth to share their experiences.

The aim of the training video is to give people working in public-facing professions (such as health care, hair and beauty, and retail) across the city an insight into life as an autistic person and encourage professionals to think about how they engage with autistic people when they visit services for support.

The training video is an opportunity for employers and professionals to learn and discuss common terms and labels, helping to break down potential stereotypes and assumptions of what an autistic person may look or sound like.

The video includes explanations of:

  • The difference between autism and neurodivergence
  • Some of the myths and stereotypes surrounding autism
  • The importance of language
  • Why changing our behaviour or that of the organisation we work for is important

Seven autistic people volunteered to be interviewed for the video. Each person talks about their experiences as an autistic person and how this impacts their personal and professional lives. By giving examples of challenges and real lived experience locally, the aim is to promote understanding of some of the barriers to autistic people in modern society – as well as their strengths.

Emma is one of the people featured in the video. Emma said:

“Being able to tell people ‘I’m autistic’ and that’s the reason why I can struggle with things … from my experience, people are more responsive [knowing] that”.

The training video can be viewed on the Portsmouth City Council YouTube channel.

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