New specialist team of pharmacists supporting Portsmouth patients

The specialist pharmacy team for Portsmouth

A new team of specialist pharmacists have begun offering expert care and advice to Portsmouth patients, in what is a first for the city.

The team of seven will work in GP practices and in the community, delivering direct care to patients with mostly complex health conditions.

Each will cover one of seven specialist areas:

• Breathing conditions
• Heart disease
• Mental health
• Pain management
• Diabetes
• Learning disabilities
• Frailty

Muhammed Alnagdi, Mental Health Specialist Pharmacist, said: “I will be supporting GP surgeries and mental health teams to look after people in Portsmouth with complex mental health conditions. I am delighted to be part of this team to support the people of the city I live, work and trained in.”

Kerry Burrows, Frailty Specialist Pharmacist, said: “I’m really excited about this new team and the support we can provide for the people of Portsmouth, working closely with our colleagues across health and social care. I’ll be supporting people with all levels of frailty to maximise their quality of life and provide individualised care, ensuring that any medicines being taken are appropriate and providing the best management and improvement of health conditions.”

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care Board (HIOW ICB) is funding the team to better support patients and reduce demand on primary care services across Portsmouth.

Simon Cooper, Director of Pharmacy, Optometry and Dentistry (POD) for HIOW ICB, said: “It’s great news for Portsmouth that this team is now up and running, in what is a first for our city. They will work alongside practices to relieve some of the pressures on GP appointments and help people to manage their conditions and live healthier, happier lives.”

The role of a pharmacist has extended in recent years. As well as dispensing medicines and providing health care advice, many of the city’s pharmacists, including this new team, are trained to physically examine patients, take blood pressure, and prescribe new medication or tailor the dose of medicines to an individual’s needs.

Referrals to the specialist pharmacy team will be managed through GP practices.