Local Services

Discover what services are available locally and where you can go for advice and support.

Stomach ache

When to Get Help

Advice and support on common illnesses, injuries and emergencies

Adult Social Care

Supporting people to help maintain their independence and wellbeing.

Children & Young People

Supporting children, young people and their families who need extra support.

Mental Health

Discover what mental health support and services are available for children, young people and adults.

Primary Care

Your first point of contact in the healthcare system - including GP practices, pharmacists, dentists and opticians.

Public Health

Local services to support your health, fitness, diet and wellbeing.

Sexual Health

Local services to support your sexual health.

Urgent & Emergency Care

Where to go for an illness or injury that requires immediate attention in an urgent or emergency situation.

Voluntary Sector

Volunteer and community groups supporting residents across the city.

Women’s health