Health and Care Portsmouth is an ambitious programme that is already changing the way we plan and provide health and social care in the city., It continues to build on the work that the NHS and the council have already done together as part of the Better Care project.

The programme aims to support people to live healthy, safe and independent lives by offering health and social care services that are joined up and provided in the right place, at the right time.

This means bringing together organisations throughout the city and enabling them to work together to transform health and care services. The five organisations across Portsmouth that are working together to deliver these services are:  NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group, Portsmouth City Council, Solent NHS TrustPortsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, and Portsmouth Primary Care Alliance.

Learn more about the projects contributing to Health and Care Portsmouth and the new ways of working that are helping to improve the lives of residents in the city. 

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better care

Health and Care Portsmouth will build on and expand the work of Better Care which has provided a solid foundation from which we will continue to build the strength of local communities, so people are better equipped to help each other and themselves.

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Stronger Futures is an ambitious transformation programme to improve the safety, resilience, health, wellbeing and success of families in Portsmouth.  We are committed to enabling and empowering families to build good futures for themselves and to improve the quality of their lives.

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integrated personal commissioning

Portsmouth is one of just 9 places in England that are trying a new way to bring together health and social care funding and services around individuals. The programme gives individuals the opportunity to direct how their health and social care funding is used for the first time.

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