Health & Care Portsmouth branding and templates

Welcome to the Health and Care Portsmouth brand resource page. Below you can find templates and brand guidelines, free to use and share where appropriate.

In 2016, the Portsmouth Health and Wellbeing Board agreed an overarching vision for the future of health and care services in Portsmouth over the next five years. Health and Care Portsmouth is an ambitious plan that has a vision of a city where everyone is supported to live healthy, safe and independent lives by health and care services that are joined up around the needs of individuals and are provided in the right place at the right time.

To support the effective delivery of this plan, a brand has been developed. Through its application across internal and external channels, it makes real the promise to break down artificial organisational boundaries to provide people with joined up care. The brand is the project’s way of helping people in Portsmouth – be they residents, visitors, patients, practitioners, communities or organisations – understand the challenges and opportunities around health and social care transformation.

For more support, specific branding or artwork needs or any questions about using the brand, please contact us here.