GP practices

Primary care is changing. GP practices now offer more services and specialist support for patients.

There are 10 GP practices in Portsmouth that all offer more services and specialist support for patients. As well as doctors and nurses, GP practices employ a wide range of expert staff who are on hand to help. This might mean that you’ll be seen more quickly and by an expert who is more appropriate to help. Find out more about these roles here.

Making an appointment at your GP practice

Most GP practices ask you to call to make an appointment. Lines usually open at 8am for urgent on the day appointments, and 10am for routine appointments that can be booked in advance – but this can vary between practices. You can also make an appointment online. Your appointment could be face-to-face, over the phone, or online – depending on what’s appropriate and most suitable.

When you call, highly trained care navigators (also known as patient care coordinators or patient advisors) ask carefully designed questions to guide you to the most appropriate person to help. You’ll be referred to someone with the best expertise to help you as soon as possible. This could be a doctor, or one of many specialist clinicians such as nurse, physician associate, pharmacist, physiotherapist, dietician or paramedic. This is better for you and means that doctors have more time to see those they can help the most – such as people with ongoing, unexplained or complex conditions.

If you have a non-urgent medical enquiry, you can submit an online form through your practice’s eConsult. This is useful for common problems like coughs, back problems or mental health questions or administrative help like sick notes, test results or doctor’s letters.

Information about Portsmouth practices

Below is information from GP practices in Portsmouth. We’ll update this page as more practices have their own leaflets and, in some cases, videos.

Derby Road Practice

Derby Road Practice - Information leaflet

The Drayton Surgery

The Drayton Surgery - Information leaflet

Portsdown Group Practice

Portsdown Group Practice - Information leaflet

Kirklands Surgery

Kirklands Surgery - Information leaflet

East Shore Partnership

East Shore information leaflet

Accessing services online

You might need to access some resources at your GP practice online or through an app. The following links and resources might help: