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Patient activation survey 2019

It’s time for a different conversation

The way we deliver health and social care is changing. Part of this change is about making sure that the people we support receive personalised care that works for them. This survey will help improve our understanding of how confident the people of Portsmouth are about making choices about their own care.

The survey i snow closed for this year. It was run from January to March and was available for individuals and carers, with individuals rating their own care and carers completing it with the view of them being the carer for someone else and how their knowledge, skills and confidence supports the individual they care for. There was also a version aimed at professionals working in health and social care.

The survey consists of 13 statements about various aspects of the self-management of health and wellbeing and participants rate how strongly they agree or disagree with each of the statements. The survey helps both individuals and health and social care providers to understand how well people are able to manage their own wellbeing – a concept called patient activation.

Increasing levels of activation play an important role in making sure that health and care professionals across the city are delivering the right support to help people live healthy and independent lives.

The 2019 survey was well received in Portsmouth and 383 individuals completed the survey, the results can be found here: Different conversations 2019 results

The workforce survey is still open and can be found by licking on the link below.

For more information on this survey and why understanding levels of patient activation is important, please visit the NHS website here

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