Community Mental Health Framework Programme


Why has this programme been set up?

NHS England published three national documents in 2019 outlining ambitions and requirements for mental health service improvement. This included a Community Mental Health Framework with a vision for new “place based community mental health models” which would enable people to live better within and as part of their community.

Our aim is to make accessing mental health care simpler, smarter and more joined-up, so there is ‘no wrong door’ for getting support. 

The programme also seeks to improve community mental health services in the following ways:

  • Improve access and waiting times
  • Ensure you only need to tell your story once, avoiding unnecessary repeat assessments and referrals
  • Care centered around an individual’s needs
  • Joined up working so services work as one team
  • No exclusions based on a person’s diagnosis or level of complexity
  • No one falls through the gaps

Working together with people with lived experience, carers, professionals and anyone else with an interest is vital to help shape and inform services.

We would like to hear your ideas about how we can best work with you and make sure all voices in the city are heard as we get started on our project to improve community mental health services.

We will be holding a number of events to start the discussion about how we can work well together. You can find a summary of our first event, which was for people with lived experience, here.

If you would like to be involved in future events or the ongoing project, please still get in touch with us by emailing or use the contact form below.


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