Campaign launched to raise awareness of free mental health phoneline

Health and Care Portsmouth has launched a campaign to help people understand where to get mental health support.

The campaign follows the recent launch of the Portsmouth Mental Health Hub phoneline, which helps people to get the most appropriate mental health support they need before they reach a crisis point.

Anyone aged 16 and over can call the hub, which is open Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm, on 0300 123 6621.

Fully trained call handlers will, in a kind and compassionate way, either arrange an appointment with services such as Talking Change or offer support to connect with local organisations including HIVE Portsmouth, social support or substance misuse. Callers do not need to go through their GP before using the phoneline.

Zoe Bartlett, Access Service Co-ordinator at Solent NHS Trust, is part of the mental health hub team and passionate about helping residents get the right support. She said: “Mental health is something we cannot ignore. I wanted to be part of The Portsmouth Mental Health Hub because I know it will help people get the support that they need.”

The creation of the phoneline comes directly from feedback gathered during events run by Health and Care Portsmouth – a partnership of six healthcare organisations in the city – with local voluntary groups and people with lived experience of mental health throughout last year.

Feedback from the workshops suggested a desire to develop an ‘access hub’ for mental health, to provide a clear point of contact for meaningful support and advice.

Katie attended the workshops and said: “Working with other services and individuals on the Portsmouth Mental Health Hub has been a privilege. It has given mental health support around the city the much needed voice it deserves.”

Health and Care Portsmouth will continue to use their You Are Not Alone campaign following last year’s success and positive feedback from HIVE Portsmouth’s mental health Lived Experience Network, to help raise awareness of the support services available for Portsmouth residents.

Posters and leaflets will be displayed around the city over the coming weeks, and the mental health hub will also be advertised on local radio stations, Spotify and Health and Care Portsmouth social media channels.

For more information on mental health support in Portsmouth, visit or contact the team on 0300 123 6621.