Being kind to yourself, and others

You might think being kind is all about big gestures or donating money, but kindness can be found in small, everyday actions such as checking in on a friend, or taking the time to help someone who is lost.

Being kind to others not only benefits them – it can also have a positive effect on your own mental health and wellbeing.

We have put together a list of different ways you can be kind to yourself, and other people, as we think it’s important to spread kindness in our community.

The Mental Health Foundation has lots of different ideas on how you can spread kindness. From sending a quote to a friend to making someone laugh – there’s something that everyone can do.

HIVE Portsmouth has created a list of locations where you can donate items to different charities and organisations in the city. If you’re having a clear out and have good quality items you no longer need, why not consider donating them?

HIVE Portsmouth has a list of volunteering opportunities in the city. Volunteering is a great low-cost way to help spread kindness whilst making a difference in our community.

Christmas is fast approaching, and Portsmouth Hospitals Charity has launched their Christmas present appeal for patients. They are aiming to give every hospital patient a gift this year.

Unfortunately, they are unable to accept physical donations of presents, but you can purchase a gift through their Amazon Wishlist, or donate online.

If you enjoy getting creative and want to spread some festive cheer, HIVE Portsmouth is looking for volunteers to create Christmas cards and decorations for care home residents in the city.


You can find out more about voluntary and community groups offering support in the city by visiting our voluntary sector webpage.