Beewell – youth wellbeing programme empowers 22,000 young people to have their say

Young people from Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton have shared their views on the issues that matter to them as part of a pioneering youth-centred wellbeing programme. The #BeeWell programme seeks to drive action to improve young people’s wellbeing in response to direct feedback from young people themselves. In autumn last year, the programme surveyed 22,400 Year 8 and 10 pupils in 103 local secondary schools, including 19 special schools. This represents just over half of young people in these year groups in the region.

Overall wellbeing findings and inequalities

The key findings of the survey show that young people in the region feel generally satisfied with their life and have wellbeing scores in line with other large studies of young people’s wellbeing in the UK. However, there are noteworthy inequalities in wellbeing across both gender and sexuality.
In their feedback, 25 per cent of girls reported substantial emotional difficulties compared with 7 per cent of boys.

The greatest disparities in terms of gender were observed for those who identify as trans or gender diverse, with emotional difficulties reported by 36 per cent of this cohort.
There were similar trends in terms of sexuality. 44 per cent of young people who identify as lesbian or gay reported substantial emotional difficulties, rising to 46 per cent of those who identify as bisexual or pansexual. This is compared with 13 per cent of heterosexual young people.
These inequalities translate to other aspects of wellbeing, with girls and LGBTQ+ young people also reporting lower levels of daily physical activity compared with their peers.

Following the release of the headline findings from the survey, an interactive public dashboard will show more detailed results and insights into young people’s wellbeing across 46 different neighbourhoods in the region. This will be published online at the end of March 2024, with a view to inspiring action across local government and civil society.

Further information and a break down of the key themes can be found in the #BeeWell Headline Report for 2023 which you can access here.