The bigger picture

Joined up working that reflects the local and national ambitions of our partner organisations.

The beginning

Health and Care Portsmouth was established in 2015 and was built on work that the NHS and Portsmouth City Council had already done together as part of the Better Care project.

It describes both a way of working across the wider health and care system in the city, and the structural arrangements that support the deepening integration between partners.

At the heart of Health and Care Portsmouth is partnership working to take down ‘walls’ between services and organisations so that residents experience seamless services and receive the support they need.

Our work with partners

In 2015, the five partner organisations involved at that time developed a blueprint for Health and Care in Portsmouth. It set out a range of commitments and aspirations and has provided the roadmap for improving and enhancing place-based care in Portsmouth.

This blueprint was refreshed throughout 2020/21 to recognise how the operating context has changed with the development of Integrated Care Systems and as we welcomed HIVE Portsmouth as our sixth partner organisation. It feeds into the NHS Long Term Plan which encourages NHS organisations to work more closely with local partners as an Integrated Care System (ICS), and to deliver targets set out in the government’s vision for the future of the NHS at a regional level across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

ICSs are partnerships between the organisations that meet health and care needs across an area. They work together to coordinate services and plan how to provide care in a way that improves overall population health and inequalities.

The refreshed blueprint also makes sure our working principles and commitments are aligned with Portsmouth’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy and Portsmouth’s community-led City Vision 2040, where residents described a vision for a ‘happy and healthy’ city by 2040, where everyone can get the education, care and support for their physical and mental health needs.


In 2040, we want Portsmouth to be a healthy and happy city.

We do everything we can to enhance wellbeing for everyone in our city by offering education, care, and support that every individual needs for their physical and mental health.

All our residents and communities live in good homes where they feel safe, feel like they belong, and can thrive.

Our integrated approach to health and care enables us to work together to achieve this vision and take a holistic view of people’s health and wellbeing.