About us

Discover more about our ambitious plan to change the way we provide health and social care in Portsmouth.

Our vision

Health and Care Portsmouth is an ambitious programme that is already changing the way we plan and provide health and social care in the city.

At the heart of the programme is partnership working to take down ‘walls’ between organisations, so that people experience better care, seamless services and receive the support they need.

Our vision is to support people to live healthy, safe and independent lives by developing and offering services that are joined up and provided in the right place, at the right time.

We’ve already improved support for vulnerable people in the community across a range of different services including health visiting, school nursing and learning disability support – find out more about what we do and watch our short video below:

The way we deliver health and social care service in Portsmouth is changing. We’re bringing together partners in the city to find out how we can deliver more joined up care, so you can access the support you need when and where you need it.

Over 215, 000 people live in Portsmouth, that’s a lot of people to take care of. Our population is living longer, people’s needs are more complex and 30% of people in Portsmouth live with a long-term condition and many of those more than one.

Budgets need to go further; despite these challenges we have an opportunity to give people better health and social care. We’ve already made some changes like trialling extended access to GP surgeries so more appointments are available when people need them.

Or giving more people personal budget so they have more control over their own care and investing in projects to provide health and social care services in the community but will also be looking at things like where and how we provide services thinking about the makeup of teams that care for a residence and investing in technology to make it easier to share care records when we need to.

We know where we need to get to a joined-up system that provides seamless care for the people that need it now and, in the future, but we need your input to decide how to get them.

The need for changes now let’s make it better together.

Make a difference go to healthandcare.portsmouth.gov.uk today.

Who we are

Health and Care Portsmouth is all about working together so that people receive better care, seamless services and get the support they need.

Six organisations from across the city are part of Health and Care Portsmouth, though we work closely with other organisations too. The six partner organisations are:

  • HIVE Portsmouth
  • NHS Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care Board
  • Portsmouth City Council
  • Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust
  • Portsmouth Primary Care Alliance
  • Solent NHS Trust

Find out more about our partners and meet our leadership team.

What we do

Building on the 2015 Blueprint for Health and Care in Portsmouth, we act as the place-based delivery of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Integrated Care System (HIOW ICS).

Integrated care is about giving people the support they need at the time they need it; breaking down barriers between organisations including the NHS and local council, focusing on people and putting our residents at the heart of the services we develop and offer.

In Portsmouth, this approach to integrated care has already been well established. Health and Care Portsmouth creates a single health and care system for the city – this includes delivery of services but also planning, commissioning, and managing those services. This is possible through appointing single lead roles across health and care that can ensure health and social care act as one, using the right resources at the right time to the benefit of the citizen.

Our successes

We’ve already improved support for vulnerable people in the community across a range of different services. You can see more in our projects.

The bigger picture

Health and Care Portsmouth was established in 2015 and was built on work that the NHS and Portsmouth City Council had already done together as part of the Better Care project.

It feeds into the NHS Long Term Plan which encourages NHS organisations to work more closely with local partners as an ‘Integrated Care System’ and Portsmouth’s City Vision where residents described a vision for a ‘happy and healthy’ city by 2040, where everyone can get the education, care and support for their physical and mental needs.

Read more about the bigger picture for Health and Care Portsmouth.

Find out more about our partners.