Better support for people in city care homes

Portsmouth’s Enhanced Care Home Team is providing better support for people living in Portsmouth care homes.

The multi-agency scheme pilot is expanding to cover more homes and improve the health outcomes for scores of vulnerable, older people – easing pressure on the local NHS.

Whereas previously if a care home resident fell poorly, a GP or nurse could be called out to see them, there is now far more emphasis put on pro-active care, involving a fully integrated approach which includes a core team of a GP, pharmacist, community nurses and care home staff, with a supporting team on standby when needed such as mental health nurses and a occupational therapist.

The service benefits include:

  • improved continuity of care,
  • improved patient safety through better clinical outcomes,
  • increased satisfaction of residents and their carers with the service,
  • reduction in urgent care usage,
  • a reduction in wasted/overprescribed medicines,
  • better trained care home staff.

The initiative, funded by the Portsmouth MCP (Multispeciality Care Provider) and BCF (Better Care Fund) to help health and social care organisations to provide new models of care, is a joint project involving NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Solent NHS Trust, the Portsmouth Primary Care Alliance and Portsmouth City Council.

Pictured left to right, top row, are – Pam Macpherson (pharmacist technician), Quadri Olaniyan (pharmacist care home), Maria Rodrigues (deputy manager, Oak Grange), Morwenna Fenner (pharmacist technician); mid row – Carmen Palimaru (nurse, Solent NHS Trust); front row left to right – Charisma Williams (Home Manager, Oak Grange), Camilla Evans (GP) and Samantha Reilly (pharmacist).