“Positive Minds” – a new type of support for mental and emotional wellbeing in Portsmouth

A new way of supporting people’s mental and emotional wellbeing will soon be up and running in Portsmouth.

Positive Minds logo

During Mental Health Awareness Week 2019, the city’s NHS has confirmed that the new service will be called ‘Positive Minds’ – that was the preferred choice of almost 300 people who responded to a survey asking for their views on the name of the new service, how it might work, and the range of services it would offer.

Positive Minds is a partnership between Portsmouth CCG, Solent NHS Trust and Solent Mind, the local mental health charity. The service is set to open in a central location in the city in the autumn. The facility will offer a mix of booked and drop-in slots, combining both mental health professionals and ‘peer supporters’ – people with personal experience of living through periods of mental and emotional difficulties.

It is intended to look and feel very different to traditional NHS services whilst providing a welcoming and supportive atmosphere. This will give people somewhere they feel able to turn to when they face periods of distress in their lives which might feel overwhelming.

The service is part of the wider “Health and Care Portsmouth” programme. This involves key NHS and social care services and organisations working much more closely together, to give city residents better, more joined up support than has been the case in the past.

Dr Nick Moore, a Portsmouth GP and the mental health clinical lead for NHS Portsmouth Clinical Commissioning Group said: “When we face distress in our lives, we need a place to turn. There are huge amounts of people who live through difficult times, and who might pay a price for that in terms of their mental and emotional health. Positive Minds is a new type of health care service that can offer people a safe environment which will provide support before they reach a crisis point.

“We know that a one-size-fits-all model doesn’t work. Positive Minds can offer professional help and support, where you are safe, heard, and able to take the first steps towards a more hopeful future. It’s also a place where you can meet others who have similar experiences and understand how you feel.

“The local NHS, the city council, and the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector are all signed up to working together to give people that flexible, open service. There is work underway to improve other mental health services as well, but Positive Minds will be a fantastic new option for people, when it opens later this year.”