New senior appointment to help integration drive

Suzannah Rosenberg has been appointed to the role of Solent NHS Trust’s Deputy Chief Operating Officer in the Portsmouth and South East Care Group.

Suzannah will devote approximately four days a week to her new job, but will also continue to play a senior role at NHS Portsmouth CCG for the remaining day a week, where she is currently Director of Quality and Commissioning.

When the vacancy arose, both Solent and the CCG were very keen to make a joint appointment if possible, to reflect the way that city organisations are increasingly working closely together to deliver the Health and Care Portsmouth agenda.

Suzannah’s new title will be Deputy Chief Operating Officer and Director of Transition, and she will formally begin work in this role in July. She will also continue to lead on mental health commissioning for the city, and as senior responsible officer for the Integrated Care Partnership Mental Health Programme.

Suzannah said: “I have worked closely with Solent in my role at the CCG, and I believe that this new joint role offers a perfect opportunity for me to progress the work to improve and integrate services in the city. I hope that the joint nature of the role will enable me to play a part in delivering the result that we all want to see, which is integrated, person-centred services which provide the best possible support for those who rely on them.”

Sarah Austin, Solent Chief Operating Officer and Commercial Director, said: “This is an exciting and innovative approach that further removes borders between organisations and functions and will support the approach we would wish to see increasingly in the Integrated Care Partnership. I know everyone will welcome and support Suzannah in her new role.”