Phase 2 of Your Big Health Conversation has now ended – here are the first findings

Phase 2 of Your Big Health Conversation – an ongoing engagement project running across the three CCGs serving Portsmouth, Fareham and Gosport, and South Eastern Hampshire –  has now ended, and an initial, high-level presentation of the findings is now available and can be found here.

The second round of engagement work focused on face-to-face discussions with patient and carer groups from across the wider Portsmouth and south east Hampshire area, seeking views about four specific topics: community-based mental health care; frailty; same-day services, and supporting those living with long-term illnesses.

Some of the insights received, to inform our thinking about how we can best deliver new models of out-of-hospital care, include:

  • A strong sense of ‘computer says no’ from people living with mental illness – they often perceive services which are designed to suit the NHS, not them, and feel that they have to fit themselves into the NHS structure, rather than the NHS flexing to meet their personal needs
  • The sense of burden that people living with several long-term illnesses may feel, confronted by systems which can often break down and leave them with the task of chasing up results, rearranging appointments, or being left in limbo between different departments with nobody able to promote their interests
  • The importance of recognising that people who are extremely frail can also be extremely isolated, and that helping them tackle loneliness can be just as important as addressing physical health needs.

A public-friendly summary of the feedback we received can be found here. (A much more detailed, full report will be available shortly.)

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